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The best partner for your talent requirement

We are a team that aim to bridge the gap between undiscovered talent and those seeking to discover it.

  • Full spectrum of services
  • Flexible work terms

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With the support of independent referents, you can solve many challenges

We partner with more than 60 brands

Clients who have become our friends for many years


Are you ready to feel swiftness?

Imagine if you could get THE BEST CANDIDATES to fill the required positions in the shortest possible time! We have solid service level agreement to help you find the best talent for you.

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Our professional approach to your business


Gathering Requirement

Tell us the requirement, duration and talent criteria that you need. We'll match making between our database and your criteria. With providing of profile submission within 3 working days, the fastest way to get candidate!


Feedback and Deployment

Based on your selection, talent will be selected. As our commitment of service excellence, we have quality control to make sure everything goes well on the talent performance during probation/training.


Full spectrum of business services

We have complete service.

  • Talent Scouting and Sourcing
  • Deployment or Placement of Good Talent
  • Segmentation talent by various methods
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Fauzan H.

Head of Recruitment

Thanks to your talented team for the strategy we dreamed about!

What a great exceptional work, dedication, and enthusiasm in making our team stronger and more vibrant with each new member. Your efforts do not go unnoticed, and we deeply appreciate everything you do.

Robert F.K.

Operational Manager

Exceptional work, delivery and flexibility. An excellent result.

Speedhunt's professionalism and kindness throughout the recruitment process have left a lasting impression on candidates, creating a positive image of our organization right from the start.

Bramantyo A.

CEO, Co-Founder

Thanks to you, we have created a solid team that is our dream!

In a world where finding the right talent can be a challenging and competitive task, Speedhunt have consistently risen to the occasion, proving that speedhunt recruitment team is second to none.

Fauzan H.

Head of Recruitment

Robert F.K.

Operational Manager

Bramantyo A.

CEO, Co-Founder

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We are a team that aim to bridge the gap between undiscovered talent and those seeking to discover it.